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“….And Bring your




James Dee


ISBN:  978-1-905451-62-3

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About the Author:


James Dee is from Co. Offaly.  “… And bring your Bowley!” is his first book.  James Dee was in the Irish Army from 1967 to 1995, and is now retired.




About the Book:   


“….And bring your Bowley!” is a snapshot of the author, James Dee’s, childhood years growing up in a rural area in the 1950’s & early 1960’s.  Stories include memories of old games, food, past-times, school, pranks & characters of the period.





Sample Excerpts:


Travelling back down home was easy, just climb up to the top of the Monument, ‘face’ the bowley for the Green Road, and give it one good slap of the stick, Magic!  After this magnificent start, a galloping small boy wouldn’t catch up to it til’ Nell Moloneys’ house near the bridge.  That is of course, if it didn’t take to the ditch and ‘hide’, or worse, get interrupted in it’s homeward journey by one of Dennis Whites’ cows.


We kids of course, always sent the owners we didn’t like in the wrong direction!  “Yeah them ‘aul goats went down the Abington road about an hour ago, yeah, a grey one and a brown one, yeah, a ‘yella’ rope on ‘em’, “Sure, grazin’ away they were, happy as Larry, an’ if ye hurry up ye’ll catch them!”.  All the while we knew only too well these very same goats were halfway to Dromsally, we should know, because earlier, WE had chased them there!









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