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Wixted’s Gold

& Other Stories



James Dee


ISBN:  978-1-907107-02-3

Price:  €15.00





About the Author:


James Dee is a retired Irish Army Sergeant (30 Years Service) and holder of three international peace medals including the Irish Peace Medal Awarded to all part winners of the Nobel Prize 1988, “For participation in numerous conflicts” with the united nations peacekeeping forces.


Wixted’s Gold is his third book.



About the Book:   


Four stories of a “Western” theme, set in Ireland.  Stories have a common thread, gold fever and it’s consequences, both dark and humorous written with a little satirical comment on the genre and Irish Life.



Sample Excerpts:


After coffee, Wixted and Coleman had walked the ponies to the creek to water them, still bickering.  The last thing he heard Wixted say on this earth was, ‘Shut up about it ya Clint, there’s not a fekken’ Cherokee fer ten mile o’ this place!  It was then, in the failing light, that the Indians had attacked.




Dobe rapped on the table with the knuckles of his clenched fist.  ‘I’ll tell you another fact boys, the only thing you’ll be pluckin’ down Galtee way is Cherokee arrows out o’ yore arses!