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Massacre at Union Junction


James Dee


ISBN:  978-1-905451-75-3

Price:  €15.00





About the Author:


James Dee is a retired Irish Army Sergeant (30 Years Service) and holder of three international peace medals including the Irish Peace Medal Awarded to all part winners of the Nobel Prize 1988, “For participation in numerous conflicts” with the united nations peacekeeping forces.


Massacre at Union Junction is his second book.



About the Book:   


A series of short stories with a western (cowboy) flavour.  The stories which are set in a fictional Ireland, include tall tales of rustlers, cowboys, Indians, gunfighters and much more.  They are written with wry humour and satirical comment on Irish life, including faction fighting and the G.A.A.




Sample Excerpts:


The four captured bad-men didn’t, after all, go to the State Pen.  Their arrest by the Kid was deemed illegal and they were set free by the Judge, and awarded an Official Apology from the State Governor.  They later robbed three Banks and the local Post Office on their way out of Town and are being currently sought by the County Sheriff.  Their whereabouts are unknown, but all four are believed to be on a fishing holiday in Fanore, in County Clare.


They are not expected back any time soon!