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Tracy Lee Smith, the author of Highway of Dreams and Zulu Dolls, is a mother of one little girl.† Previously to becoming a mum, she was a glamour model who enjoyed travelling around the U.S and Canada mixing with the stars of music and sports entertainment.


Now she devotes her time to the most precious thing in her life, her beautiful daughter Maya Piper.† Being able to work from home on her writing means she is always available to her daughter and thatís the way she likes it.





Highway of Dreams

Zulu Dolls

Both books are a collection of poetry.






















































Tracy Lee Smith

ISBN:† 1-905451-07-5



Price:† Ä 16.00


Angel of the Road


The light was dim

When you moved in on me,


Glow of red

While I held your head

In my arms,


Messy hair between my fingertips,

Lying still our heart beating was

the only music around us,


You made me love you,

Youíre so alone

I nearly cried,


Angel of the road.


Your life is like a shooting star

Looks good when it flys

Nasty when it falls,


High or low


Waiting for you to fall,

Always back in my arms.


Zulu Dolls


Tracy Lee Smith


ISBN: 978-1-905451-95-1


Price:† Ä10.00


Music Box



I open the music box, I think of you.

Eyes as blue as the ocean, a heart warm like the sun.

I can almost hear your sweet southern voice, just dreaming I guess.† As I take the locket out of the music box your photo burns into my heart.


Dusk makes the room turn red, wishing I had you in my arms, I cry myself to sleep.

I wake to hear horses, many horses.

Hooded figures are riding outside my window.

All have burning red eyes, but then I notice one of the figures has the same blue eyes you did.

He rides right up to my window, I reach my hand out the window but the rider just vanishes.




Almost Evil



The rain came silent

Everything dark and gloomy, mist upon the tombstones,

Trees make a rustling sound, my shoes are all you can hear on the ground,

Then I see you just standing on the wet grass

Long red cloak, blue eyes with hints of steel,

Blond hair danced through the air,

Skin so pale it lights up the night,

I walk towards you my dress long and black

Taking my hand you kiss it gently,

I faint, falling into the mud soaked ground,

Waking to find you lying over me, fangs glisten

Sinking your sharp white teeth into my neck.

Now I know why I came to this dull place,

Morning came but you wonít find me,

I deep in the caves with my DEAD PRINCE.


Sample Excerpt from Zulu Dolls


Highway of Dreams

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