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The end of Mankind in less than 50 years


The Cause: Vision viewing devices used by our young children


A must read for all young parents


Author:  John F. Price


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About the Book:



Vision is the most precise and precious sense we possess in biological terms, it functions close to the speed of light and is directly or indirectly linked to all the important areas of the brain.

Modern technology and the availability of close-up vision viewing of laptops, ipads and other mobile vision devices will end civilization as we know it in just a just a couple of generations.

Vision evolved in three-dimensional space but the technology in vision viewing devices is forcing our vision to operate in two-dimensional space.  For adults whose vision is fully mature it will only affect their    vision, but for young children, whose binocular vision is not mature, it will also affect the binocular vision cells in their brains from maturing naturally.  Any damage to brain cells result in mental illness in some form. 

Parents hold the only solution and are the only salvation of mankind.




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