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A Real Life observation

proof study of





By John F. Price



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About the Book

(S.S.S.R.D. and the cortex eye) and the (Dome shaped image) are the two permanent structures in the optic array for binocular and monocular visual perception. I published (S.S.S.R.D. and the cortex eye) almost ten years ago. It is the first ever proven and complete new concept of binocular visual perception.

My colleague Catherine Ansbro experienced in the health risks of artificial stereopsis believes many people in the area of visual perception did not fully understand the entire complex structure of (S.S.S.R.D. and the cortex eye). In this book I decided to do a real life observation proof study of all the main stages in the entire framework structure. So anybody with good natural vision while sitting at their kitchen or patio table can prove for themselves each stage in the entire framework structure.

This is not just very important to fully understand for people in visual perception and visual neuroscience but in particular people in psychology and psychiatry to fully understand how important it is to ensure this incredibly complex sensitive brain cell structure of vision be allowed to mature in children without brain cell damage and mental illness.

The (Dome shaped image) is also a complete new concept of monocular visual perception. The (Dome shaped image) is integral in binocular vision but the only structure in monocular visual perception. These two framework structures completes the entire framework structures of the optic array for binocular and monocular visual perception.





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