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There’s No Place

Like Home





Martin Coffey B.A. (Hons.)


ISBN: 978-1-913275-33-4


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About the Book:


Raising a large family in the 1940’s and up through the1960’s in Dublin provided many challenges for my parents. They struggled to keep their heads above the poverty line. My     father worked all the hours he could get, no matter what the jobs entailed. My mother was forever at the helm, guiding and directing her ever growing family of seven girls and eight boys.

The stories contained in this book speak out from a very recent past. Like many of our neighbours, we were just a normal family, forever struggling to make ends meet. We were brought up in second-hand clothes, attended Mass every Sunday and we respected our elders. Nothing came easy and very little came free. Thankfully, we all grew to adulthood and hopefully made our parents proud.

My childhood consisted of many extremely happy years, surrounded by all of my siblings and filled with love in abundance from my father and mother.























Martin Coffey