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Our new All Inclusive Publishing Package is designed with the modern author in mind. This package includes all the aspects of our most popular Gold Package with our added e-book service.  

An e-Book is simply a book with the difference being in the construction, rather than going through the printing process, an electronic book is formatted to fit on your computer screen or an eBook reader/device such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Sony Reader, etc.

The e-book market is rapidly growing and it is expected that e-Books will make up 25% of the total UK book market this year and 50% of the US Book market by 2016.


The All Inclusive Publishing Package includes the following:

All aspects of our popular Gold Publishing Package plus the additional e-book conversion and distribution services. We have made it simple and cost effective to transform your publication into an e-book and sell it worldwide across multiple e-platforms.


We offer conversion into multiple formats:

Epub – used by the majority of tablet style readers, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, etc. This is a flexible format that allows text to flow into difference screen styles handling colour and multimedia.

PRD (Kindle) - For use with Amazon Kindle. At present only available in black and white. 

PDF – handles colour illustrations and complex formatting very well but has limited flexibility.


E-Book Retail and Distribution

Once your book is set up in digital form and uploaded to our system, we feed the information (Metadata*) to all of the largest e-wholesalers and e-retailers in the global market.  Currently there are 230 on our list and growing.

You then decide the sell price and discount range. At this point we deduct our fee (20% of net price.)  On each purchase of your e-book, we then pay you the remainder.


For Example:

You decide the Sale Price (less VAT)      €12.99

You decide the Discount range*                     35%

Net Price                                                   € 8.44

We deduct fee of 20% of Net                    - 1.68

We pay you the remainder                       €  6.76



*Metadata is a glossary which is used to market your e-book. It contains information about the book, synopsis of the book, ISBN number, as well as an in-depth list of key words related to the content of the story.  The Metadata form can be quite complex to get right, but it is required by all retailers to list your e-book.

We work globally with over 230 retailers to give you the widest platform for your e-books including Amazon, Sony, Apple Store, WH Smith, Baker & Taylor, Barnes and Noble, Easons, Waterstones and many, many more. 

The above package is based on books with a maximum of 250 pages. Larger books are acceptable but will incur additional charges.

*Typical discount range to include all epub channels is 35-50%. 

Please note Kindle Amazon terms apply

VAT (if applicable) is applied at the point of purchase by the retailer.

Each title incurs an annual fee of €20.00. 


E-Book Only Package …………………………………………………  € 399


We are also happy to offer an e-book only service which includes all of the services above but without the Gold Publishing Package. We can convert your manuscript into an e-book in multiple formats and then enter it into our e-book retail and distribution services as described above.

Each title incurs an annual fee of € 20.00

This package is based on books with a maximum of 300 pages. Larger books are acceptable but will incur additional charges.

All Inclusive Publishing Package  € 1995

E-Book Only Package