This package involves the author providing us with a compatible digital file, (pdf/prn) and finished Book Cover file.  File must be fully edited and proofread before creating digital file.  This package is suitable for authors who have some knowledge of computer technology.


Silver Package includes the following:


¨ Create book file, using authors’ submitted digital file and Book Cover file, ensuring each file is printer compatible.

¨ Print and mail a copy of digital file before submitting for printing for author to proof and make any appropriate changes (One free proof per book)

¨ Store and Backup digital printer files for book block and cover

¨ Provide appropriate legal requirements.  Assign an ISBN Number, include author’s Copyright Notice, create EAN Barcode for back cover and      deposit copies to the National Library.

¨ Provide Author with 50 free copies of book

¨ Create Webpage with photos, author bio and excerpts

¨ Accept and fulfill any book orders from Choice Publishing Online Bookstore

¨ Pay royalties twice yearly on any books sold via our bookstore

¨ Notify Nielsen Bookdata, and other online bookstores

¨ Accept and fulfill orders from the book trade, extending appropriate trade discounts

¨ Inform Key Internet Search Engines about book’s webpage

¨ Announce book’s launch to industry and media contacts

¨ Provide 100 launch Invitation Cards

¨ Provide 10 Full Colour Posters  (A4)

¨ Submit book for review to the following:

          Books Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

          Ireland’s Own, Wexford, Ireland



PRICE…….. € 1395




Please note:  The above price is based on black and white inside pages throughout, perfect bound, with full colour paperback finish, for books up to 250 pages.

*     Larger books are acceptable but will incur a small surcharge.

**   Hardback finish also available but will incur a surcharge.

*** Colour Inserts can be inserted but will incur additional charges.                                                                     

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