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Zuzana Karasovŕ


ISBN:  978-1-907107-09-2

Price:  €15.00



About the Author:


             Zuzana Karasovŕ was born in 1954 in former Czechoslovakia as an only child.  She studied art history at the faculty of philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava.  Yet during her university studies she decided upon the 19th century when selecting the theme for her diploma work being aware of the fact that only by knowing the history of the immediately precedent period one could understand his or her own time.




About the book:


             Lucy’s Uncommon Companion is a surreal tale.  The author undertakes a conscious regression in time not so much to witness the world of the late 19th century as to take an active part in it. 


             This active role lies in her full-time care of an orphaned girl Lucy.  Typical is the author’s intentional use of ambiguous words and terms that comes already with the title of the book. 


             The story begins symbolically on 21st October 1879 that is the day of Edison’s improvement of the electric bulb for mass production.  It is set in a provincial town in Victorian Britain.  After a road accident, Lucy is regaining consciousness.  Her name means symbolically a light.





Sample Excerpts:


Now emotions were speaking. Lucy expected something to change. At the sight of the statue, cast in soft plaster, a touch of delight came upon her. She had herself a sort of Renaissance-phase now. And this was a different kind of perfection. Five minutes went by. Once again, she glanced at the statue of the Venus of the Medici. To picture the left bosom was out of the question for it was covered and pressed against the chest by the hand of the statue.

Lucy rubbed her eyes. ‘H’m,’ she said doubtfully in her mind, ‘maybe the breasts of the Venus are not a pair and only one of them is of the right size.’ Awestruck, she imagined the statue animated so that not to spare her the sight of the hidden left bosom. Nothing happened. The effect was surprising. Lucy realized she was not too well pleased with her own looks.