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           Without end was inspired through memories of a prior existence. In another time and another place the seeds were sown for future times that have not yet been reached.  A yearning that would place a hunger within your soul. Test of time would unfold a set of events that would follow from one existence to the next and continue in a constant set of circumstances that would create and unfold a new reality; one of being soulful. Realising the hidden depth of the  workings of the soul, and the many places it may take you to in search of what is missing, in a deep-seated need to find fulfilment. Some place it can rest for once and become peaceful of heart. The not knowing of any situation is the hardest thing to deal with. The uncertainty it creates, finds a way to crawl back into your life. It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say, but unless you are dealing with this first, had you just don’t know what is at stake or what is involved. Being well intentioned is a good quality to have, but it doesn’t go far when something of this magnitude is wrong. It makes everything else become distorted, out of  focus and confusing to say the least. Definition is at the heart of what is needed to make sense of it all.


           When all else fails, there needs to be some point of recognition; somewhere to rest your head. When in the depths of despair, the loss of a loved one holds you to that fact and won’t release you no matter what you do. That bond is binding holding you to a certain understanding that keeps you captive in so many ways.


Without End


By Anita Leavy



ISBN:  978-1-907107-03-0


 Price     €15.00


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Author, Anita Leavy