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On the RUN


A Novel


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William Shaw


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Weeks after his father, Terence, is jailed in Maze Prison, Tim Connolly arrives in New York to stay with relatives. Bridget, his mother, believes her seventeen-year-old son will be safer with an ocean between him and the Troubles. Tim is not safe, however. Resented by his American uncle and bullied and beaten at school, he becomes sullen, withdrawn, and desperately homesick. But when a gym class exercise on the school track reveals his remarkable speed, the track coach recruits Tim for the team. Running becomes Timís obsession. With every success he gains confidence and courage. Timís success, however, infuriates his enemies, whose plots against him grow increasingly violent. Meanwhile his fatherís hunger strike, and his motherís controversial womenís anti-H-Block crusade, weigh heavily on Tim. As he trains for the 1983 National AAU 800-Meter Championship, Tim is unprepared for the series of shocking events that will occur on race day.






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In 2005, Shaw published Fellowship of Dust: Retracing the World War II Journey of Sergeant Frank Shaw.He currently writes opinion columns for his local newspaper while, at the same time, producing his own digital newsletter for Substack -Wormwood: Reflections on an Endangered Nation.† Shaw began competitive running at age thirteen and retired as a master's runner at age fifty-five with a sore back and gimpy knees. He was never a champion runner. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife, Connie Kretchmar.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, William Shaw, PhD, taught English literature for many years at Le Moyne College and North CarolinaState University, favoring courses in Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, and other sixteenth and seventeenth-century English authors. He spent many summers in Ireland, traveling with American students while teaching courses in Irish literature. He also taught one term as a Visiting Professor at UCC Cork.