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BOOK ONE: Introduction to Problem                        Solving in C Language




By William Kane



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About the Book

In this book, students are introduced to business problem solving using C language.

A Word to the wise

For best use of this book the reader needs access to the C Programming language. 

C is not C++, C#, C Sharp, Visual C, Objective C or Python.


At time of publication, C could be downloaded for free onto laptops running

Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 from


You should run the following program in C (all lowercase) before book purchase:

#include <stdio.h>







Topics covered include:

Variable Declarations and Processing

Control Flow comprising conditional statements - If, Else If, Else and Switch

Iterative Control Flow comprising loops – For, While, Do-while

Introduction to Arrays – computation of Standard Deviation

Introduction to Functions





About the Author

William Kane has degrees from Dublin City and Maynooth Universities. He has lectured in popular Software Applications, Information Technology Principles and in the Association of Business Executives’ Introduction to Quantitative Methods.  He currently writes full time.


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