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Mike Crowley


What Colette

Didn’t know


A Novel




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About the Book:


Hans Konrad, department manager in an insurance company falls in love with a stewardess on a flight to Seoul.  Later he discovers she’s French living in Paris.  She moves to  Frankfurt, where they get married.  Back from their honeymoon in Crete, Hans finds a letter on his desk, which turns out to be his dismissal.  Hans keeps it a secret from Colette and goes out every   morning as if going to work.  Hans and Colette keep in touch by mobile, but on December 6th, on her way home from work, Colette wants to phone Hans, but finds her mobile doesn't work.  She checks her notebook for the office number and dials from a telephone box.







About the Author:


Mike Crowley was born in Cork City, he lived most of his life abroad, and now lives in Frankfurt.  Writing fiction he finds is an ideal form of brain jogging.  While scribbling poetry ensures him a devilish companionship with the Muses.  “and I would that my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me…”  (Lord Tennyson)




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Sample Excerpt:


With all the hustle and bustle going on around her, Colette forgot about Hans for a while.  But looking out at the eerie morning and the naked trees, Hans crossed her mind again, and with him the fierce row of the night before.  Oh!, it’s snowing, she thinks, trying to keep him at bay.  It just wasn’t fair on him.  Why couldn’t he have told me about it right from the start?  He didn’t want to upset me.  Bullshit!  What the hell does he take me for ?  We’re married and living together and …. Well, he doesn’t know much about me and I know just as much about him.  But god damn it to hell!  She turned from the window and looked round the compartment as if half afraid that the people might be able to read her thoughts.  Didn’t wash my hair either this morning.  Must look terrible. Too confused.  Well, I’m not at work yet.  Just then the shrill sound of the train whistle signalled that they are entering the airport tunnel.  Getting restless, the passengers folded their newspapers and started for the doors.  Same scurrying every morning, she thought, rising to her feet and joining the crowd.