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William Beckett, is a native of Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland. He is a working man, and has done hundreds of personalised writings on request, which in turn has led to this book.  He also has children's stories in the pipeline.  He tries to write from a child’s imaginative view.






Ricky the rock & Rowland the stone, is a childs imaginative tale of a rock and a stone that have a life of their own, involving every day things.







Ricky the Rock


Rowland the stone


By W.F. Beckett


ISBN: 978-1-909154-04-9


Price:  €11.00

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Also by Author W.F. Beckett


The Last Train

Text Box: On a mountain happily living there, 
Is a rock called Ricky.
He is full of kindness
And full of care.
He has a friend that is a stone,
His name is Rowland
So he never feels alone.


Text Box: Rowland had also rolled down the 
Mountain and stopped deep in a forest
Beside a big old oak tree.

He was also alone and felt sad too
Because his friend Ricky was nowhere 
To be seen.