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Web of the Trio



Nnenna Lilian Amushan



ISBN: 978-1-911131-06-9



Price: 10.00



Web of the Trio is set in Lagos, Nigeria On his quest for a decent job, Joe Mbakwe, a nave, fresh university graduate does not in his wildest dream envisage getting entangled in a deadly web in the dark abyss of the Lagos underworld.

He jeopardizes his life and that of his family as he schemes to extricate himself from this dangerous web interwoven by three notorious organizations.

What are the odds that someone betrays the Masters of the Underworld and lives to tell the tale?


About the Author








Nnenna Lilian Amushan was born in Enugu, Nigeria.

After her university studies in Nigeria, she married Adebolu Amushan. They currently reside in Ireland with their three children Ronke, Laura and Richard.



Web of the Trio is her first published novel written in 1994, immediately after her secondary school years.