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Linked by Fate


A Tragic Love Story



By Tricia James


ISBN: 978-1-909154-77-3


Price:  €18.00






This is an action-packed, fast-moving, tragic love story, a thriller; tear-jerker and a novel of fierce emotion.  It is a story within a story; but first and foremost the book tells the story of Doctor Antonio Martin; a Harley Street Consultant to the rich and famous.  Tony and his beautiful wife Louisa led an idyllic life together with their ten year old twin daughters.  Tony and Louisa share a love that happens only once in a life-time; however, theirs, is a love fated to end in tragedy.  An unexpected inheritance from Tony’s great-uncle in Australia was destined to change their lives forever.  He should have known that no good would come of it, but he was swept-up in the excitement of the moment and set in motion a course of events which would haunt him till his dying day?


He had heard of his great-uncle Alastair; but only in veiled terms.  However, the one thing which was very clear about Alastair Martin and that was the fact that he was stinking rich, but never did it enter his head that he would benefit in any way from his great-uncle’s mind-boggling riches?  However, despite, the good-will of his great-uncle; Tony’s inheritance brought him nothing but misery and much soul-searching.


Louisa’s widowed sister, Alice Theresa Bartlett; after a whirlwind courtship was due to be married in August to the man of her dreams, however, due to this course of events, she too, was destined to share in her brother-in-law’s devastating blow turning her bright future into fear filled days and nights.  However, little did she know that fate had yet another cruel blow in store for her?  Not only did it touch her life, but that of her Fiancé, and due to an unknown adversary his life too hung in the balance; and it was then it became quite clear to her that he meant more to her than life itself.  And she was soon to discover that fate hadn’t yet finished with her on discovering that the lives of Tony’s two little girl’s were also in mortal danger.  To whom could she turn for help?  She’d been a nurse for many years and no weakling, but these series of events were even beyond her capability and left her clinging to God as her last resort?  Furthermore, Tony’s hastily laid plan was destined to be “Linked by Fate” to that of many other families; due to no fault of theirs; or his?  It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?


The book also tells the story of other people linked to the Martin’s through the hand of fate.  Alec James White; a company director and self-made millionaire had been married to his childhood-sweetheart Karen for fifteen idyllic years.  He loved his beautiful wife to distraction, and, on the seventh of June, they were to celebrate their sixteenth wedding-anniversary and, as ever, Alec had organized a fitting tribute to his adored wife, but an unexpected course of events plunged Alec into a melting pot of intrigue, and deception; driving him almost to the point of madness; changing their lives forever?  And, although Alec had never met Tony Martin, he was nonetheless destined to share Tony Martin’s devastating blow?


This casual sequence opened-up a boiling cauldron of events dragging other families into the not so tasty soup.  Namely, the Richards family led by Lord Basil Ravenscroft whose family were not so united; and was something which gave himself and his wife Lady Sophia many sleepless nights.  And, the cause of the sleepless nights was their wayward, daughter, Lady Amanda.  This she-cat in clothes would stop at nothing to get what she wanted; regardless of the consequences. 


Who was the masked man who struck again and again leaving a trail of innocent victims in his wake?  Investigating the case turns into a nightmare for Detective Chief Superintendent Bill Higgins, of New Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Short and Detective Sergeant Maddox; first cousin to Alec White, and it was thus that their lives and those of their families were also put in deadly danger from the man who called himself; the “Funeral-Wreath Killer” or as the newspapers dubbed him: “The Killer in the Mask”


To follow their agonies and ecstasies to the end you will need to read books two and three.  Many exciting and shocking surprises are in store for you as you follow their adventures; and don’t forget to bring the Kleenex – you’ll need a boxful?




















The Author was born in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford and emigrated to England in the early sixties to train as a Nurse.  She completed her training; but due to a back injury some time later, she was advised to seek a job which didn’t entail lifting. Following her exodus from nursing, she worked for a GP as his nurse/receptionist for two years.  At a later date, she studied Nutrition and Aromatherapy, and was awarded a Diploma in both disciplines. In addition, she divided her time between reading, writing poetry; sewing and oil-painting. She exhibited many of her oil-paintings in England and painted portraits from photographs for clients.


     Tricia James finally returned to Ireland in the mid-nineties and was a member of Waterford Art Group for a time. She is now widowed, lives in Waterford and has finally fulfilled her life-time dream; namely, to write a book and see it published. This is the first in a series of three and includes illustrations of the characters which she put together through the medium of Collage.  However, credit has to be given to Eveleen Power, an artist from Abbeyside, Dungarvan who drew the fantastic faces of the characters – thank you Eveleen.


     I wish to thank God who watches over us and controls our destiny and who led me to Josephine who became my very best friend. She encouraged me to keep going and allowed me to read my book to her for four hours every week for over six months. To Julie, Denny, Kevin; Clive and Tom who also listened to certain extracts.  Not forgetting Vicky and Breda who read the very first draft of the bookThere are only two words, insufficient though they may be – thank you. 


I also dedicate it to my Father who was a great man for the stories and my Mother who won an award for a poem when she was in her mid-eighties; my two sisters and my niece who have not heard any of it as yet. 








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About the Author:

A great book and popcorn…….. what else when you are home alone waiting for your love to come home……



Brilliant book…..

Linked by Fate – Tricia James


This book is a work of distinction, excellent: Each character, young and old demands readers total attention throughout, it’s joyous, it’s sad, its engaging, quality researches many professions in the daily ups and downs of life, holding the reader in suspense and stirring up emotions the reader never knows they had.  This delightful book is suitable for man, woman and young adult who has an inquisitive mind.  It’s a marvellous work of fiction, a joy to read.

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