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             This work is the result of several years of research into the history of the Irish Volunteers and subsequent organisations in the North Meath area particularly around the towns of Kells, Oldcastle and Athboy.  It reflects on the constant redefining of Reserve Forces within ̉glaigh na hÈireann as each major period of Irish history during the past century witnessed the creation of organisations such as the LDF and the FCA.  It establishes the tradition carried on by all who served down the years including the many family links generated by that service.



About the Author


I am a native of Kells, Co. Meath where I still live.  I enlisted in E Company, 7th Infantry Battalion, FCA, in 1987 and rose through the ranks over subsequent years.  In 1995 I was commissioned an officer and continued to serve after the FCA was stood down in 2005.  I am currently serving with C Company, 65th Reserve Infantry Battalion, Army Reserve with the rank of Caption.



Sample Excerpt:


Monday afternoon on the 13th March 1922 became one of the most momentous occasions in the history of Kells.  The British Army and RIC had left the area with only those in Kells Barracks remaining.  Brigadier Pat Farrelly of the 3rd Meath Brigade with other staff officers paraded to the Barracks whereupon the building was formally handed over to the IRA.  The police files into three lorries and departed.  Kells IRA Company, quartered in the Workhouse since the evacuation of the British Army, marched through the town led by the Ceannanus Ṃr Brass and Reed Band.  After arriving at the barracks an armed guard was mounted and a large Tri Colour hoisted on the flagpole amid cheers from a large crowd who gathered to witness the event.  A reporter wrote, “The boys feel more comfortable and happy in their new quarters”.





Faithful to Ireland


Tony Brady


ISBN:  978-1-907107-11-5



Paperback:  €17.00