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John Grey is a modern day Irishman, who finds himself back in the Ireland of 1956. How can he cope with this strange country, a country dominated by the Catholic Church, lack of education, poverty and emigration.

All he has from his past, or in his case his future, are some poems which he recites as the story unfolds in the hope that they will reveal his true identity.

Share the summer of 1956 with John Grey a modern day man struggling to cope with the Ireland of that era, where he meets the love of his life and tries to solve the mystery of who he is, if he succeeds will he have to return to the future without her.

This is history, philosophy, time travel, a little sex, but above all this is a love story.


Time is the key to the universe

This key cannot be deciphered by ordinary men

Is it yesterday, today or tomorrow,

Were we here before, are we here now

Will we be here again



About the Author


Tom Power lives in the parish of Kill County Waterford with his wife Hannah. They have three sons.

Tom has been writing poems and short stories for many years. Some of his poems and stories have been published in local magazines and newspapers, and read on National and Local Radio. He has written two one-act plays; Conversation in a Country Pub and The Mystery Letter.

Both plays were performed to acclaim in the Gealach Gorm Theatre in Kill. He has published a book of poems; Waterford in Pictures and Verse in collaboration with Photographer Ms Jackie Elger.













John Grey


By Tom Power


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