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Where it all began


A Selection of Stage Plays


By Tomás Ó’Riain  


ISBN: 978-1-913275-10-5


Price:  €15.00


This book features three more plays by Tomás Ó’Riain.


Apple Annie:

Apple Annie tells a great tale of a normal woman selling apples and second hand clothes from a stall in Dublin’s Iveagh markets and manages to be a secret benefactor to the educational needs of her three step-sisters.

A great story full of heart.


Milo’s Ghost:

Milo’s Ghost is based on a true tale from early 1920’s Ireland. The manner of Milo’s death is a replica of that which occurred back then and in those times they did not have the advantages of Exorcisms or Séances!!

A hilarious three act comedy.


What the Puck:

What the Puck! A long lost rich uncle from Australia who may not be all that he seems. A stone digging pot bellied pig. A long lost treasure.

The marriage proposal to the Widow Cassidy who has a large Endowment policy, or does she??

A mad cap comedy and is definitely one for the amateur drama company that likes a laugh.










Tomás Ó’Riain (RIP 6th March 2016)

Playright / Theatrical Producer/Director / Tenor.


Tomás was educated at Plas Mhuire C.B.S. Dublin and St. Joseph’s College Baldoyle.  He learned his stage skills and drama at the Brendan Smith Academy Dublin. He voice trained with Winnie O’Dea to be a tenor.  He engaged for many years teaching stage craft to all age groups. This included; singing, voice production, acting and all forms of stage craft.


Tomás, a native Irish speaker, was involved with the Irish language since childhood. He was associated with Conradh na Gaeilge, Comhaltas Naisiunta Dramiochta and Scoil an TSeachtar Laoch (Ballymun).


Tomás has written and produced over twenty plays in Irish and English and produced more than four hundred stage shows.




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