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To Climb the Christmas Tree




B.J. Sheridan


ISBN: 978-1-911131-18-2


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About the Book:

Sarah was a little girl who had a magical Christmas wish: To Climb the Christmas Tree!  Little did she know that when her Mammy took her to see Santa in the department store…..He would make that magical wish come true!

About the Author:

The Author, Barbara, as  a little girl always dreamed of being able to climb the Christmas tree, she believed it was the most magical sight ever to behold, and as a child wanted so much to be part of that magic. 

Believe in yourself…

And everything is possible

* * * * *



Christmas was fast approaching; Sarah and Christopher were so excited. Daddy came home early that evening to buy a Christmas tree.


"Kids!" their Daddy called out "Let's go pick up the tree, I saw a beauty at the Hardware Store, if we hurry we can have the tree up by tea time!"


Well, they jumped up at once to get their coats.


"Oh don't forget to pick up the turkey" Mammy cried after them, but they were gone in a flurry.

* * * * *


Sarah heard her name being called by a familiar voice and spun around to see Christmas Leafy had now joined the party!


"Oh Christmas Leafy, we are having a wonderful time, look at all the lovely food and all the friends and the presents"!


"Yes, I know Sarah, isn't it great, Christmas is such a magical



"Sarah do you remember you asked me who Robin Redbreast was bringing the present for"? Asked Christmas Leafy,


“Yes”,  replied Sarah


Well that present is for you!


"For me?" Sarah cried out in astonishment.


Robin redbreast flew over to Sarah and gave her the little parcel, it was a snow globe with a stable within with a woman and a man and a little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, and there was an ox and ass breathing on the infant trying to keep the little baby warm. It was the most beautiful present Sarah had ever received.


"Christmas is all about you Sarah! The Child". 

* * * * *