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A Bakerís Dozen



Thomas McDonald


ISBN:† 1-905451-22-9


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About the Book:


A Book collection of Thirteen sonnets about life in general and illustrated with beautiful pictures for an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

A Book about Life for Life





Sample Excerpts:



A cold night sweat has filled my heart with dread,

The feeling of being underground alone.

Merciless pulling towards the torture cell.

A desert palace or a norman keep.

Screaming sounds from the thumb-screws and the rack,

I hope my God has not got one of these.

They preached a God of brimstone and ofHell.

We feared a place of everlasting pain.

How do we trust that which we also dread?

Please, never tell a child a lie again!

I have done nothing! I am innocent!

But have I worked according to his rules.

Is loving God that which you hold most dear?

Oris your God the sum of all you fear?





Iím trying to find out whoís in charge here.

Iím peering in the caverns underground.

A Yeti or a Sasquatch in a picture.

Iím searching in the forests all around.

Iím listening for a pulse that canít be heard.

I need a clue, a pattern to break down.

Darwin couldnít get this fellow talking.

Columbo leaves this crime scene with a frown.

My echo keeps coming back to haunt me,

A portal nearby waiting to be found.

Itís like being in the Matrix Reloaded.

Magnetic north and north pole arenít the same

†††††††††† Itís hide and seek with someone out too long.

Itís Jumanji, a hunter and a gun.†††††††††††