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Born in County Westmeath, Ireland, Siobhán Ní Dhonnchadha went into nursing in 1976. Her first nursing job was in St Joseph’s Hospice in London.  There, with the Sisters of Charity, Siobhán first experienced what it was like to work with people who were not far from their last breath.  Returning to Ireland in the early 1980’s Siobhán took up nursing at Harold’s Cross, where she gave 30 years service in a job that she loved and was so attached to. 

During her years working at Harold’s Cross Siobhán began writing poems about her personal experiences and also about the unique people that she had the honour to nurse in their final days. Drawing from the many poems that she has written over these years, here are but a few that captures the experiences and moments in her life that are deeply personal and very honest. 

This book of poems that are complimented with unique illustrations is dedicated to the memory of her parents, James and Julia and her sister Marguerite.


Siobhán would like to thanks all her friends and family with deep affection for the support that they have shown her over the years.



The Rising of

Ones Self

A Book of Poetry

with unique illustrations



Siobhán Ní Dhonnchadha


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