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Muhammad Iqbal Hossain Rasik


ISBN: 978-1-909154-85-8


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About the Book:


‘The Pal’ is a poetry book. It has been written with a sense that indicates an intimacy to a friend, love and nature. As an intimate friend, love & nature are very much related to each other that makes a sense of poetry. This sense enlightened me and I discovered myself in my poems. Each poem is a complete tale of love. Love always makes a theme which comes from nature and ends in the edge of nature also. When a friend feels the theme naturally he or she falls in love; he or she feels an attraction which is known as intimacy. A friend, love and nature always surrounds our life with intimate warm feelings. This book is an expression of this warm feeling.





About the Author:


Poet “Muhammad Iqbal Hossain Rasik” was born in the capital city of Dhaka in Bangladesh. His parents are from ancestral home village of Rampur of Hajigonj of Chandpur district in Bangladesh. He was brought up in Bangladesh as well as in the United Kingdom. He completed his B.Sc degree in Bangladesh. He performed the British Professional courses in the UK. And now a day literary keeps him busy. From an early age, he has traveled to various countries. He is a sense, this attention-hungry and self meditative person. He worked as a private tutor, field representative of American Life Insurance Company and sales person in a marketing company in Bangladesh. He worked as a catering staff, home delivery driver of a superstore as well as an Indian take away, private hire taxi driver in the United Kingdom.