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John Jacob English


ISBN: 978-1-911131-44-1

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About the book:


Everyone has their own perceptions of reality.  Many of the forces that have shaped and influenced our perspectives of reality are hidden in plain sight and their importance can be easily overlooked.  Some of the factors that influence the evolution of our perceptions of reality are embedded deep within the cultural framework of our societies.


The Fabric of Human Reality tries to identify and outline these forces. It is hoped that such a study will be a useful guide for anyone interested in how we perceive and are influenced and manipulated by these patterns.


The book is divided into three distinct but interrelated sections.  The first section outlines the key concepts in the foundations of human reality.  The second section looks at the importance of the forces that have created the social and cultural construction of our realities.  The third section looks at the fundamental forces that are shaping our realities in the modern world. 





About the Author


John Jacob English PhD. is an independent peace researcher and author of a number of books including The Collapse of the War System’.  He developed and taught a ‘Study of Peace’ course over a number of years.  He has been active in various peace movements and in environmental politics. 











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