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Our loved ones are only

a thought away



Tara Coyle


ISBN: 978-1-907107-86-3


Price: €9.99



About the Book:


Autobiography of Tara Coyle, Spiritualist Medium.  Written from her heart, an open and honest description in her own words of her early journey to present day.  Tara describes her development into Medium ship, and her joy of being asked to work with International Medium Colin Fry.  Tara shares some of her personal experiences and talks of her understanding and connections with the spirit world.  A refreshing and unique peek into the life of a spiritualist medium, and much, much more.



About the Author:


Tara Coyle, 39, married with four beautiful children, living in Clogherhead, a small fishing village, in County Louth, Ireland.  Tara moved from Leicester, England, UK as a young girl.  A few years after moving to Ireland, Tara began to become aware, although at the time did not fully understand, that her connections with the spirit world had begun.  Never expecting that she would eventually be doing ‘live medium shows’ and have been chosen & asked to work with Colin Fry, international medium on stage during one of his tours.  In addition to writing about her own personal experiences…..what is next?