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Scrap the Cat

Finds a Home


~ ~ ~


By Sue Russell


Illustrated by Margaret McKenna


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-47-1


Price:  € 10.00 plus P&P









About the Book:



Scrap the Cat Finds a home is the story of one small kitten who found his way to a new home. One of a large litter, Scrap was a bit of an outsider in his family - not quite the ‘perfect’ kitten his brother’s and sisters seemed to be. He dreamed of a life beyond the farmyard and one day, quite unexpectedly, he found himself on a frightening journey - an unwilling passenger under the bonnet of a car.  Finding himself on the side of the road in unfamiliar territory, the brave little kitten, set off to explore his new surroundings. Before too long, he and his new owner had found each other and Scrap had found a new home.


~ ~ ~



A percentage of the profits from the sale of this book will go to the

Kitten Cottage Animal Sanctuary, which is based near Virginia, Co Cavan.