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Stone and Feathers




RM Keegan



ISBN: 978-1-909154-98-8


Kindle edition:




IPad edition (Epub File)


A wonderfully written children’s fiction book

by R.M. Keegan


Sean discovers a gift which he has been born with and finds a new world into which he is led to help find and save four magical horses from death.

He comes up against wizards, kings and the beast and while in pursuit of the horses he faces many challenges when often his own life hands in the balance...




“ I have always loved to create stories and characters from an early age.  When I have an idea for a new book, I enjoy expanding and working on the different characters. 

It is a great thrill to start and then finish a story and send it out to be read

and hopefully enjoyed by others.”

R.M. Keegan



Sample Excerpt:


“Enough of this,” Richton shouted out towards them from the opposite side of the pool with his hands extended, “You will track for me boy or you and ‘Mush’ will die and this place will burn and be no more, I swear it, come now, come here…”