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Soul survivor is my account of what lies behind understanding your soul and seeing it as an incarnation on earth for its purpose to heal. I invite you to become more aware of what understanding your soul can mean and how it will change your life if you are willing to take on board the different concepts. It is a way of getting to know yourself better than you may have realised possible. The truth to what it all means and why we seem to hardly notice its existence. No one can afford to live without knowing the dynamics at work in your life while living on this planet. How we are affected, and how we can make better choices that will go a long way in helping you become more aware of your role. We all have a role to play in this concept that is a spiritual knowing. We start to see how we are all spiritual beings in human form, as we have a human experience in living our lives. What this means to us and why we search for more meaning that would explain better why we are here at all. Realising there is no such thing as death; not as in an ending, but a continuation of our conscious state that survives death and the hereafter. It clears up that misunderstanding in a way that it will show you that the soul really does matter a great deal. So much so we need to become much more aware of it so we have a better chance of making good decisions that will affect us. If we donít, at least consider what this is saying to you; you need the awareness brought into reality so it is present in your life in an active way.


It wants you not just to know this, but to understand it at the depth of the soul while you live. To concern yourself with matters concerning your soul is to concern yourself with matters concerning your heart. How well it is doing in the game of life because the relevance of it needs your recognition, in a way that is saying you understand the importance of what is at stake. Realising there is so much more to us than meets the eye, it will hold your attention because it is teaching you what to look for and when you see it at work you know what it is. There needs to be this level of attention placed on everything you do. Make it an integral part of your life as it is belongs to you in this specialised personal way that is making a statement. It will confront you in a way that is challenging you to sit up and take notice of what it is saying to you. It will help you discover new levels that are so often missed because they just donít get the recognition you would need to be giving to actually register in this respect. How long do you think you can continue down a road where there is no God in your life? One you look up to in a way that is filled with admiration and a deep fulfilling love that connects you to creation in this way? It is at the core of your being and to deny it is to deny your souls existence and risk losing the prospects of how it will survive if you donít give it the recognition it needs. If you are going to lose what you have as a soul at least know what it is you are losing and why. Bring that level of clarity to your life in a way that this is being said that you know this for what it is worth. I really do hope you find what you are searching for. To find what is missing from your life in a way that gives it to you because of the search you may have to take. This is a journey to your inner world where your questions will be answered for you, so you will gain the perspective of knowing yourself better.


Enjoy the book.†

Anita Leavy






Soul Survivor




Anita Leavy


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