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Soul Matters’ is what it says; matters concerning the soul. So many people go through life with little or no awareness of what matters the most.

Depending on the type of person you are, how you interpret yourself in these matters concerning your soul is to show you that what you have is of true value and knowing this gives you more potential than you realise. Not because you didn’t know but rather didn’t understand the nature of the beast you want to get to know. The aim is to show you where it is: you are not receiving the message from this part of yourself. What is stopping this from happening and why? You need to develop yourself that little bit more……..






Soul Matters




Anita Leavy


ISBN: 978-1-905451-52-4



Price:  €15.00


The Author, Anita Leavy has written a number of books including the following titles;

                      •  Truth Serum

                      •  Heart and Soul

                      •  Awakenings

                      •  Soul Survivor

                      •  Pure Poetry

Author, Anita Leavy