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Coming Closer to God

through the joy of

Living the Rosary



Sheila Durand


ISBN:  1-905451-09-1


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About the Book

About the Book

Sample Excerpts

Sample excerpts

In exploring the Rosary, Sheila, a mother of five, explains her thoughts for each mystery and of the inspiration given for living in peace and contentment.


We are all at different spiritual stages.  We all have different talents and needs.  So her prayer is that all who read and pray these thoughts for each mystery, find at least one thought to help them come closer to God, to be full of “THE JOY OF LIVING” and to have great pride in themselves as children of God.


This book carried the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat of Dr. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin.

Text Box: How to say the rosary with children and teenagers

Children and teenagers struggle to understand the rules of society and to find their varied roles in life.  They need love and acceptance and look for this outside the circle of the family.  They face difficult choices and often feel that they are the only ones with such problems and that they are facing these issues alone.

As they work through all of this, the rosary will help them keep their eyes on their final goal, which is the salvation of their souls and the wonderful inheritance of the KINGDOM OF GOD.

We must encourage children to run to Our Blessed Mother in all their troubles with confidence that their prayers will be heard.  May they see that the Holy Family had to cope with the same problems.  May they look at how they dealt with them.  As examples of this, we can remind our children that Jesus' family had to move to a different country to escape persecution.  The flight into Egypt must have been a very sad and difficult time for Joseph and Mary.  Jesus was called a Nazarene.  People said “Can any good come from Nazareth?”  Jesus' friends all fell asleep when he asked them to stay awake with Him.  Later they ran away.  During His Passion, he was mocked, scourged and isolated.  Those in authority, civil and religious, were against Him.  So, all the problems our children experience are mirrored in some way, in the experiences of the Holy Family.    

Sometimes we feel very alone too.  Let us remind our children that Jesus is always with us.  No matter what happens, or what we do, Jesus is always waiting for us to come to Him, and is always there for us.  If schoolwork is difficult for children, remind them that Jesus is very pleased once they are doing their best.  They do not have to be top of the class for Jesus to love them!  Thinking about the mysteries of the Rosary helps our children to grasp these lessons.  

So we should help our children see that there is no need ever to be sad.  Encourage children and teenagers to just enjoy being themselves with the love of Jesus and Mary and Joseph.  Encourage them too, to keep their problems in perspective.  It is helpful for children to be reminded to pray for others, and to pray with perseverance.  Pray that everyone in the whole world will be happy and loving and have enough food, heat and warmth of friendships.

Home is where each one lives for the other and all live for God.
 Finally, a Family that prays together stays together. 
 May Jesus, Mary and Joseph help us to build a heaven on earth.  Amen
 God Bless us all.