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My Pal A-Pal


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By Shauna Ward


Illustrated by Anthony Corrigan


~ ~ ~


ISBN: 978-1-913275-42-6


Price:  € 8.99 plus P&P









About the Book:



My Pal A-pal is the story of a young boy called Michael. Michael feels bad about himself most of the time. Nobody knows that he feels this way, not even his best friend Ben. But all this changes the day he receives a secret birthday present of a robotic human android that looks exactly like Michael.

Michael believes he has found a perfect version of himself or has he...?


~ ~ ~



About the Author:


Shauna Ward is a primary school teacher with many years experience of teaching young children. Originally from Donegal, she now lives in Dublin with her husband, three children and two dogs.


Shauna decided to write her book, My Pal A-Pal as she noticed that there were very few books for boys that dealt specifically with the emotional development of young boys and the struggles  they can go through.