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In Ireland we take an especial interest in the paranormal. Most people, with a little prompting, will eventually admit that they, or someone they know, once had a run-in with the unknown. While tales of banshees, leprechauns and fairies have become extremely rare today (a fact reflected in this book), accounts of omens of death, of houses plagued by poltergeists and unquiet spirits, and of spooklights on lonely roads abound in early twenty first century Ireland. Some people recount uplifting and reassuring stories of contact with departed loved ones. While it may well be true that 'everyone has a book in them', it seems almost certain that just about everybody has a ghost story in them…..



~About the Author~


Sean Goulding is a philosophy gradute who has taught in Ireland, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  He is now based in North Kerry.







This Haunted Island




Sean Goulding


ISBN: 978-1-909154-47-6


Price: €12.00