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Tales from

The Block

(A kind of Memoir)


Written by

Seán Doyle


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About the Book:



‘Tales from the Block’ is a witty and humorous memoir of growing up in Dublin during the 1940s, 50s and early 60s. The excitement of playing football on the road and in the Block, the terror of being chased by the Gardaí, the thrill of "boxin' the fox" and swimming in the Royal Canal during a hot spell of weather were just some of the mischief that Seán Doyle and his pals got up to.

These childhood adventures took place against the backdrop of "the Emergency", the unrelenting power of the Catholic Church, and the sweeping social changes that were happening in Dublin.



About the Author:


Seán Doyle was born and raised in Cabra, a Dublin suburb in Ireland. He has been married for over forty years and has two daughters.


His early childhood memories are dominated by football.  He recalls his Dad bringing him to Dalymount Park for his first ever football match in the early 1940’s.  His days were filled with playing ‘Street Football’ with his friends.  When he was 20 he joined the Athletic Club, inspired by is older brother Steve who was an extremely talented athlete. 


In 2012 Seán was awarded a BA degree in Humanities in DCU.  In 2012 he had a short piece published in Ireland’s Own first Anthology.