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A Bangladesh War Story


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Sean C Ward

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ISBN: 978-1-913275-86-0


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It is December 1971, and The Bangladesh War of Liberation is in the middle of the critical final battles. While being subjected to all the traumas of war, Doctor Meena struggles against the forces that threaten to undermine her commitment to the people she serves, as the full force of an army is unleashed against her and her community.

Confronting the evils aligned against them is the only way of ensuring their survival. Any other course of action could result in unthinkable consequences, as they are plunged into a war of liberation, where the enemy is not always outside your inner circle and where women are on the frontline.

Can Doctor Meena save her people from the aggression of a volatile army major who is intent on their destruction?

Can she save herself?


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About the Author:


Sean C Ward lives on the Irish Sea coast in County Meath in Ireland. Having spent many years working as a commercial aviation aircraft engineer, he now spends his time writing, reading, and travelling. He has a pilot license and a degree in theology. He worked as a volunteer development worker in India in the nineteen eighties where he gained valuable insights into the politics and cultures of the Indian subcontinent. This contributed greatly to the creation of December Rising A Bangladesh War Story, his first novel.