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The Happiness Man



Written By


Seamus F. Cullen


Price:  € 9.99



About the Book:


Happiness cannot be found in the pursuit and acquisition of things, wealth, power, material success, even if these assets can generate some good.  Happiness can really only be realised in the deepest level of our being, the level that is grown only in our relationship with God.




About the Author:


Following over 20 years in the world of business operating a company in partnership with a long time friend and colleague, the author, Seamus Cullen decided, with the support of his business partner to change direction.  His decision was to enter the priesthood.  This decision was made with the aim of developing his own spiritual life and happiness, and to be of support and assistance to others in their journey along the same road to happiness.



‘It is in Jesus that we find the strength to live our lives of hope and happiness. 

Nowhere else can we find the hope and the happiness to live life to the full,

even in the face of every adversity, including death itself.’