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Saving Our Men


Duncan Lawler


ISBN: 978-1-905451-90-6


Price: €10.00


About the Book


An explosive brave book that challenges society’s values, traditions and beliefs.  This is a book that articulates the feelings of men across the nation.


The aim of this book is to raise awareness of the arbitrary, but powerful, societal restrictions imposed upon men and to help males identify their inherent strengths and goodness, to build on these and thereby help to create a better and more just society. 


More young men than women kill themselves here than anywhere else in the world.  Suicide is a reflection of the sentiment of hopelessness felt by young men entering into a world where the odds are stacked against them with no hope of ever surmounting them.  We need to restore fairness and equality to society.  We need to save our men.



About the Author


Duncan Lawler is a physiotherapist and regular lecturer in UCD on Men’s issues.

Duncan is also the author of “Promoting Men’s health” which featured on national television and media.




Sample Excerpts


The aim of this book is essentially male suicide prevention by promoting a greater understanding of the sentiments and fears of men and their status in modern Irish society.  It hopes to give men the confidence to express themselves and share their pain…..


It’s purpose is to reach out to men and enable them to realise their feelings are shared by the majority of men across this nation.


This book reminds men that they are worthy, precious and deserving of love and life itself.


Duncan Lawler is a lecturer and

senior physiotherapist specialising in pain management.  He is a regular guest lecturer in third level colleges on men’s issues and is the author of ‘Promoting Men’s Health in Ireland.’