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No Ordinary Life


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Sara-Jane Cromwell



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ISBN: 978-1-913275-35-8

(Hardback Cover)


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About the Book:



Without question, Sara-Jane Cromwell is an exceptional woman and author, and it’s no wonder given her extraordinary journey to be the woman she is today and the difference she has made to Ireland along the way. Sara-Jane’s story is truly remarkable in so many ways due in no small part to the abuses she endured and the multiple challenges she has had to overcome; making her life and achievements all the more astounding.


No Ordinary Life is a book that will make you cry, then laugh, then cry and laugh again. People who have read Sara-Jane’s story are astounded by the imaginative ways she found to survive, overcome and thrive through the kinds of challenges that would have floored many others; and yet there is not a hint of her feeling like a victim. And even when she was at her lowest and most hopeless, she still found ways to get back up and start again.


Sara-Jane has been described as one of Ireland’s best kept secrets. This is because very few people know of her work over the past decade and a half (and continues today), and how she has brought about a positive change in people’s understanding and attitudes towards transgender issues and gender dysphoria in particular. If you are looking


No Ordinary Life is Sara-Jane’s third book; Becoming Myself was published in 2008 and Wrong Body Wrong Life in 2010.


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About the Author:


Sara-Jane Cromwell is an author, speaker, lifecoach, mentor and workplace relations consultant. She is also a lecturer with the Adult continuing Education Department with University College Cork (UCC). In her 46 years working in the voluntary sector she has founded and co-founded and played a leading role in a number of organisations including Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), Gender Identity Disorder Ireland (GIDI), and more recently Gender Identity Ireland.


Sara-Jane Cromwell is truly one of the world’s life-changers and her book will certainly help change many more lives now and in the future.