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The Girl who Wouldn’t Smile




Sarah King

ISBN: 978-1-909154-45-2


Price:  €15.00


About the Book:


‘The Girl who wouldn’t smile’ is a book centred around the main character Kim, who loses a tooth. 

This is a simple, colourful and endearing story that conveys an underlying message for children—always tell somebody if you have a problem.

The book is aimed at 4-7 year olds.


About the Author:


Sarah King is a primary school teacher in Co. Donegal.  It was in March 2013, she decided to combine her experience in teaching with her passion for painting and so the story of Kim was born.

‘The Girl who wouldn’t Smile’ is going to be the first of three books using Kim as the main character.  Each book will convey an underlying message for children, highlighting some of the problems our children may face in today’s world.


Sarah has created little tooth fairy boxes to go with this book that can be ordered direct from the author on her facebook page:
















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