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Molly Moves to Australia


Written By

Rossann Cummins


Illustrated By

Saidhbh Cummins


ISBN: 978-1-907107-79-5


Price:  € 8.99




About the Book:


A Recession story of emigration. A family has to leave for another country to find employment.  Molly  although only three years old finds this a challenge.  Leaving all that is familiar to her, the story shows how the journey strengthens her character, together with the support of her parents and siblings. When she reaches her destination she realises that everything is different but not completely so…..






























About the Author:


Rossann Cummins was born in Dublin and worked as a nurse and then a midwife before having her own family.  Three years ago the family had decided to emigrate to Australia (at that stage indefinitely).  She found it very difficult to explain to her little ones that they had to leave Ireland.  Her children ranged from 3 to 6 year old at the time and was surprised at how ‘real’ their worries and concerns were and felt a picture book would have helped enormously...











Molly and her family were moving to Australia. Her Daddy got a new job there.

The family were very excited about going to live in a new country, but Molly wasn’t…