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What the Hell am I Doing on Planet Earth?

By Roderic Knowles


Paperback (6x9) 195 pages


ISBN 1905-451016



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             UK Price:  £12.50


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About the Book

About the Author



What is life all about? Why all the horrors and seeming injustices in the world? Indeed, why any creation in the first place?


“I want to know God’s thoughts,” Einstein declared. “The rest are details.” What the Hell Am I Doing on Planet Earth? takes us uniquely behind the cosmic scene where, in the shoes of the Creator, before any Creation, the motives as well as challenges of Creation become crystal clear.


This wonderfully unfolding story from the Creator’s perspective explains the whole of creation, why and how it came into being, its ultimate destiny, and man’s place in it, throwing penetrating light on some of the profoundest mysteries of existence.


Bringing together the cutting-edge insights of science along with those of mystics, poets, esoterics, ancient wisdom-teachings and those of the world’s great religions, the author, Roderic Knowles, presents us with an astonishing if not mind-blowing account, easy to read, all-inclusive, and of extreme practical relevance.


At last, a story of creation which makes spiritual as well as scientific sense.


A must read for anyone seeking to make sense out of their lives.





Roderic Knowles


             Roderic’s path as a philosopher, in the true meaning of this word, ‘seeker of truth’ and ‘lover of wisdom’, has been outside of institutions.


             Born in London in 1938, he was brought up in the wilds of the west coast of Ireland; and subsequently dispatched overseas for education at Eton.  After this ‘best education that money can buy’, he felt a deep dissatisfaction: None of life’s fundamental questions had been addressed.  A passionate desire to discover the meaning and purpose of life arose in him.  “Truth at any cost,” he declared one day, “I will not cease until I have found it.”


             A circuitous path led him through various explorations and adventures.  In the mid-1970’s, travelling the world as an inter-national business consultant, he set up and ran a unique private network of local representatives which gave him direct access to the Prime Ministers, Finance and other Ministers, of over a dozen countries, with whom he liaised on behalf of multi-national clients.


             It was while in India, visiting the Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, and staying as a guest of her close confident, the revered holy man, Swami Muktananda, that life began to change.  “Yes,” said Muktanda, “life is a game, but not as you’ve imagined.  Neither are you who you imagine.”


             It took a number of dramatic inner experiences as well as outer events to begin bringing home the significance of these statements.  Narrowly escaping death at the homes of two Prime Ministers who were removed permanently by a coup d’ètat and assassination, and finding himself involved in a number of similarly startling recurring patterns, made him seriously question the notion of a blind ‘fate’, with the suspicion that there was some intelligent dynamic behind it, which he felt the urgent need to discover.       


             Bringing his business to an abrupt halt, he went in search of ‘Masters of Wisdom’, with whom he spent several years, studying cosmic laws and undergoing deep transformational processes, while seeking to fathom the mysteries of life.


             Returning to Europe, he became active in the field of ‘higher education’.  Later, moving to Ireland, he set up KOAD, a Centre for Nature Research & Education, for which he won a national award in 1997.


             He is currently engaged in preparations for the setting up of a new type of university, University of Earth & Spirit, an inter-national network concept, based initially in Ireland and the UK, founded on the four pillars, Soul, Spirit, Earth, and Co-Creativity.  Aside from preparing other books for publication, he is also actively engaged with his soul companion, Elly van Veen, in the development of course modules for the university’s faculties of Co-Creative Science, Soul Science & The Laws of Life, Forest-Gardening, and Faculty of The Living Tree, as well as in running a mastership training programme for participants.