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Poor Hearts





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‘Rich Poems for Poor Hearts’ is a simple attempt to reflect the complexity and richness of a life well lived through the magic of musical poetry. 

A poem is a song containing seeds of love, rage, joy,  passion, realism, imagination, sorrow, happiness, family, friendship, confusion, acceptance, ideas,  religion, philosophy, childhood, truth, betrayal, forgiveness, heartache and hope for a better             tomorrow…



Kindness is the seed of all lasting joy...’

                                                                        John J. May


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About the author - John J. May







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Meditations on life

“A lie is like a hand grenade ..... with the pin pulled out.”


“Love is the only true magic.”


“I have loved and lost but never lost love.”


“To have good memories is to live twice.”




A Short Story


Kindness is priceless

And that is why

Our family was rich

When I was

A poor little boy.

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John J May, a complex and simple man, educated & ignorant, ambitious & contented, seeking love & rejecting hate, wise & foolish.


Above all a family man who loves life, friends, music, philosophy, truth plus feeding swans and ducks in his local park in Tallaght, Dublin.