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Poetry is about expression, it comes from the soul. The heart of who you are touches other people in a deep meaningful way. It makes them think or can evoke something deeper, into being more aware. It sows the seeds that are thought provoking and anything which can do that is important. It’s a chance to see something you may not have realised; it offers you another opportunity to make further progress in coming to know yourself better in ways that matter.





Pure Poetry




Anita Leavy


ISBN: 978-1-905451-55-5



Price:  €15.00


The Author, Anita Leavy has written a number of books including the following titles;

                      •  Truth Serum

                      •  Heart and Soul

                      •  Awakenings

                      •  Soul Survivor

                      •  Soul Matters

Author, Anita Leavy