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Children of Isaac



PJ Connolly


ISBN: 978-1-909154-90-2

Ebook: 978-1-911131-99-1


Price: €14.95

~ About the Book ~



….hardly knowing what he was doing, for it was pure animal instinct, he struck his own father across the face….


It’s 1914 and tensions mount in a family already strained by religious differences and now about to divide along ideological lines with the outbreak of war in Europe and the growing nationalist movement in Ireland.


Children of Isaac is a wholly absorbing and brilliantly evoked piece of historical fiction.  Set against the backdrop of events that helped shape the Irish nation, this is the story of Protestant Isaac, Catholic Annie and their  children—twins David and Becky, their deaf-mute sister, Poor Ruth, and little Sammy, Isaac’s favourite—a working class family living in Dublin in the early years of the last century. 


How can Annie and her children keep secret from a domineering Isaac David’s decision to join the Irish Volunteers, or Becky’s involvement with a boy from the social underclass?  These are questions that will hold the reader

enthralled right to a bitter and tragic conclusion during the dramatic and violent Easter Rising that erupted in

Dublin in 1916.


In this dark and gritty novel, the heartbreak of the human condition is explored without compromise.





~ About the Author  ~


Irish author PJ Connolly worked for many years as Career Counsellor in a County Wicklow school before a complete change of direction took him into full-time writing.  He lives on the Dublin-Wicklow border with his wife Joan McKenna.

His debut novel, The Priests Wife, exploring the theme of priestly celibacy, has proved an outstanding success on both sides of the Atlantic.


PJ Connolly,  acclaimed author of The Priest's Wife, an astonishing novel set in the Catholic Ireland of the 1970's and revealing a side of Irish life usually kept in the shadows.

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Text Box: Author PJ Connolly at the launch of his book ‘Children on Isaac’ in 
The Irish Writers Centre, Parnell Square, Dublin