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Text Box: By Phonsie O’Brien

ISBN:  978-1-905451-74-6

Price:  €12.00


About the Book:


A selection of stories from the life of Phonsie O’Brien, ranging from the everyday to the supernatural, and spanning eighty-seven years. 





From listening to the stories told by his own father, to telling stories to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Phonsie was finally encouraged to put these stories in to print.


This book is the result, containing a few of these stories, which hopefully the reader will enjoy.






About the Author:


Phonsie O’Brien comes from a family of 11 children, and was raised in Limerick City.  The father of seven children, and married for 47 years to Nellie who passed away in 1992.  As a young man joined the army for 8 years, before working in various jobs on the Limerick docks and as a maintenance man.  Lifelong involvement in amateur boxing.



Sample Excerpt:


As a young boy I loved listening to my father telling us tales of years gone by.  Story telling was a big feature of family life in the days before television and cinema became mainstream. 

As I got older, I too continued the tradition of passing down stories of my life to my children.  In my later years, my grandchildren would also love to hear a tale or two when they came to visit me.  It was my grandchildren who persuaded me to put down on paper the stories I persuaded me to put down on paper the stories I had so often told them when they were children. 

Throughout this book you will get a glimpse of some important events, which shaped the course of my life, a snapshot if you like of those events that made an impact on me or in which I had the privilege of making an impact on others.

Every story you are about to read is based on fact, although in some instances I have changed the names of some of the central characters.

I hope you get as much pleasure from reading this book as I have from writing it.