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Benedict, Baltimore

and the Barbary Pirates


The untold, true story of an

African slave who became a

Christian wonder-worker


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Patrick Noonan


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-82-2


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About the Book:


What do Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Paris-Dakar Rally, an ‘Islamic’ raid on an obscure Irish fishing village, and the less known St Benedict the Black have in common? Answer: slavery. The forced migrations that threw up American and African saints whose families toiled silently to build European and American economies, while our ancestors looked the other way.

As well as digging out the true story of Benedict Manasseri this easy-to-read book walks us past real episodes of  human trafficking, the Church’s role in Irish, American, Arab and African slavery, continuing racism, social  holiness, genocide in King Leopold’s Congo, and the UN interest in the main character, the saintly eccentric, Brother Benedict himself.




About the author:


Patrick Noonan has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and the townships of South Africa since 1970 and was still there when in 1984 his parishes, South of Johannesburg, exploded in anti-apartheid rage leading to the release of Nelson Mandela.

He is the bestselling author of They’re Burning the Churches* (Jacana 2011), which has been read three times on South African radio.