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Donít Give Up



Patrick Flannery


ISBN: 978-1-905451-63-0


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About the Book


Text Box: It has been said of Patrick Flannery that if he could read and write he would indeed be a very dangerous man. His first book gives a very unique insight into a man who has always shown passion and zest for everything he has done in his life, in his business as well as his interactions with others around him. Patrick is a man who sees the best in people but never suffers fools either. He is someone who has made a huge contribution to many peopleís lives and has put his own personal life experiences to good use in supporting others. This book is his life story to date and reading it will certainly have a impact on readers far and wide. Without Patrickís contribution to helping people and his own inputs and support, particularly to developing AA in the West of Ireland, many a personís life would have taken a totally different and probably worse direction. This book portrays how he grew up, completing his formal education at the age of 11, the strong and positive influence of his mother, where and how he made a difference to Erris and the many obstacles he encountered and overcame along the way. He provides lessons to people of all walks of life. His story is not only touching but tough. Patrick has walked through life standing up and fighting for his values, in particular for republicanism and his core inner belief in a united Ireland in control of and shaping its own future and destiny. In addition Patrick has always been an advocate of communities and has consistently fought for those same communities to take responsibility for themselves. His own life story is an example of this. 

His relationship with alcohol as he describes in this book is probably now as much of an asset to him as it was a liability in the past. He can reach out to people, and today has a greater understanding of human beings resulting from the many, many events and adventures in his own life.

Patrick is still a young man and long may his life of experiences, adventures and good things continue. It is in itself a milestone in his life to publish this work and leave a legacy of advice, lifeís insights and experiences to others. 

Gerard Mc Donnell













































The Author, Patrick Flannery