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The Gloragh

Valley Moon


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By Patrick Daly


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ISBN: 978-1-913275-48-8



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About the Book:


The Gloragh Valley Moon is a novel set for the most part in the south of Ireland.   The year is 2005 and the Celtic Tiger is in full voice.  It has a redemptive theme. The protagonist, Fachtna McEgan, is a retired school principal who has spent most of his adult life in Sligo. Now, he is back in his native locality, an area which encompasses the fictional town of Coolnarea, a hamlet known as the Rectory Cross and a substantial rift, the Gloragh Valley.  Fachtna is in a poor state of health, physically and mentally; that, and the fact that his only sister lives nearby has brought him south.  To his surprise Fachtna finds that Coolnarea, a village in his youth, has swollen dramatically and is now a substantial town.  He is disturbed to find that his brother Jerome, a ne’er do well bully is now the foremost property developer in the area and has become a very wealthy man.  This issue is something that greatly troubles Fachtna.  As he struggles to rebuild his own life he pledges to uncover the truth behind Jerome’s stellar rise.




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About the Author:


Pat Daly is a retired Garda having spent the last fifty years living and working in Cork.  He grew up in Rossmore, a village in West Cork.



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Sample Excerpt:


Standing outside the chapel gate, Fachtna could not get that particular memory out of his mind.  Poor Tommy Burton; what had become of him?  Were he to show up just now on Coolnarea’s Main Street, his own stomping ground, how would he react?  Would he take his bullwhip to those who now occupied the stage he had once graced, and surge them until they ran for their lives?  Or would he look around, feeling helpless; all his strength gone, his heart filled with sadness?  Should he, perchance, happen to glance in the direction of the chapel gate he would see there, a grey headed man, no longer young and grave of countenance, who was at that very moment sharing his sorrow...