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When the Angel Comes Patricia Ann Kennedy


ISBN: 978-1-907107-78-8


Price: €19.99 / £ 17.95




About the Book:


Belfast, Ireland 1973


Angela Kenny’s father, Robert, is brutally murdered and subsequently accused of crimes against his own people.  The aftermath of his murder forces Angela and her mother, Agnes, to leave the streets of Belfast behind for the streets of New York.


There she meets a man who is to change her entire life.  Joe Morrelli, who was born in the Bronx and street-wise and who rose from message-boy to  successful businessman, introduces her into his elite circle of friends and associates who later prove to be invaluable in Joe and Angela's search for the truth.


However, Angela’s eventful marriage to Joe envokes the wrath of his long-time lover, Antonia Flemming, a popular Broadway actress who seizes each and every opportunity she can to try and win back the love of her life!


Not only is this a love story but a thriller with an intricate plot and a web of deceit that is spun back and forth across the Atlantic, until justice finally prevails. 



About the Author:


Patricia Ann Kennedy

I was born and lived in Old Gas Lane,

It was my Father who choose my name,

My childhood was a simple happy time,

I grew up with books and loved to rhyme,

Then I decided to spread my wings,

Go forward and try with other things,

At a kitchen table and by hand,

I penned this story that came unplanned,

I hope you will enjoy this book you see,

For it will mean so much to some one like me.