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By Paddy McEvoy


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His life’s work was in banking, firstly in rural Ireland with the Hibernian Bank and then with the Bank of Ireland Group. In 1973 he started up what was then Irish Intercontinental Bank, later called IIB Bank and with his colleagues built this institution into a highly successful and respected bank. He retired as CEO from IIB Bank in 1995 and undertook the chairmanship of Hungary’s second-largest bank, K&H Bank, following on its privatisation after the communist era. Paddy went ‘Back to Belvedere’ in the early 90’s and spent 15 years helping the school with its social justice agenda.


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“My story is of one man's journey from the early 1940’s to the present day. And it is a reflection on how choosing the positives and taking advantage of lifes opportunities can lead to good fortune and self-fulfilment. It is an acknowledgement of my debt to Belvedere College and the Jesuits as the great influence on my life philosophy and life choices. It is a love story and a social history. And it is also a journey and reflection on how the Irish banks morphed from being customer oriented, conservative, dull, and profoundly honest in the 1950’s to the very different cultural profile seen in recent years.”


Paddy McEvoy



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‘I warmly recommend Paddy McEvoy’s (OB, 1956) memoir to all the Belvedere family. It is a lovely engaging read about facing life’s challenges and opportunities, inspired by Jesuit ideals’.

Gerry Foley, Headmaster Belvedere College S.J.


‘Paddy’s ethical ambition, entrepreneurial business acumen and generous spirit infuse his life’s journey. He is, by all accounts, “The Good Banker” and the industry as well as the public and politicians would do well to consider his counsel for the future’.

Dr. Katherine Zappone TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs


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All proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to:

The Belvedere Youth Club

Buckingham Street, Dublin.













Paddy McEvoy was born in South County Dublin in 1939. He was educated by the Jesuits at Belvedere College S.J., where the values learned were to have a lasting effect on his life philosophy and life choices. Having graduated from University College Dublin in 1967 he earned his MBA at the Harvard Business School. He completed his academic studies in 2007 when he was awarded a Ph.D.